Progress & Holidays

I’ve been doing the elimination diet for 6 weeks (with two occasions when it just wasn’t possible to follow it, but otherwise I’ve been pretty religious).  In a nutshell, I have noticed a definite improvement in my energy levels, although the fatigue has not completely gone and I still need to sleep in the afternoons sometimes – less often than before though.  Another improvement is in my mood, though following on from my previous post, that feels like an odd thing to write – but in general, I am not manic, I am just a less irritable, cheerier version of myself. It’s been noticed by others but most importantly I have noticed it in myself. I like myself a little more than I did a few months ago when I when I was snappy and pessimistic about things. I’ll never know if it’s the diet which has improved things, or the vitamin D supplements, or the change in the weather, moving out of my dingy flat, or getting some distance between myself and a certain person… but whatever it is, it’s helped.

In addition… I’m about to book my holiday 😀 Still subject to approval, but it’s looking like a week on the unexplored east coast of Sri Lanka to visit a friend, followed by two weeks in Bali and Lombok… Roll on September!!!

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