A bad week

It’s been a week of burning stomach pain, loss of appetite and fatigue. I pay a bloody fortune for private health insurance, and I really can’t afford it (premiums jump up every year at the moment) – however, I will cling onto it because it means I can make a call on a Tuesday and have an appointment to see a neurogastroenterologist on Saturday. (Did you know there was a thing called a neurogastroenterologist? Neither did I!)

Also decided to stop being a total emotional car crash and scrape back any shreds of dignity I may have left, and stop contacting a certain someone. Deleting his number, moving on, etc. Time to find someone who will actually care about me and want to spend time with me. Wish I’d had the balls to do this back in Feb. But… not gonna beat myself up over it.  These things take time.

In other news, I am reading this: really enlightening.



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