Day 3

Time for an update…

Day 1 – trip to the supermarket. Considering I walked out with only 2 bags of shopping, this took an inordinate amount of time. In her book ‘What HIT Me?’, Genny Masterman describes this experience as ‘daunting and depressing’… pretty much spot on. The cycle of “Oh, I know what I can make for dinner!” with the discovery of “Nope, that’s got vinegar/yeast/wheat/tomato/arsenic in it.”  Left me feeling pretty panicky to be honest… What on earth is left?

Well it turns out there is some stuff left. Rustled up a risotto with arborio rice, yeast-free stock, butternut squash, parsley and feta… Not bad at all, and my German guinea pig was sufficiently impressed to have 2nds. (Not, I might add, an actual literal guinea pig.)

Day 2 – Having downloaded a low-histamine recipe book onto my Kindle, I decided to make shepherd’s pie… blended mash of butternut squash and sweet potato, a bunch of herbs chucked in, and a whole bunch of feta cheese sprinkled on top… Happy mouth.

I have also discovered I don’t hate green tea any more. Don’t leave the bag in too long, and get ones which are infused with something else (the two I’ve tried are jasmine and mango) and a bit of honey or stevia, and it’s actually really nice. Not as bitter as I remember it being in Asia.

Also – hoorah for fruit! (Except strawberries and pineapple, those histaminey little minxes.) Fruit is the way forward.

No booze for 3 days is no big deal, that happens anyway… But I am quite proud of myself for actually being in a pub on day 1 and sticking to diet Coke. Long may that continue!

So enough about food – I’m not going to mention specific food again because otherwise this will just end up being a verbal version of people’s dinner pics on Facebook.

What of symptoms?

Well I’ve also started on my antihistamines and Vitamin D tablets. So far, not much change in symptoms, but it’s very early days and there may not be an improvement for weeks… Yesterday was definitely a sleepy day. Today, less so… I’m keeping on top of work whilst managing to fit in a lunchtime snooze, and that’s keeping my stress levels down – also very important, as stress releases histamine.

No word from my immunologist on appointments with cardio chappy. I have become more aware of my heart rate since Monday, and upon reaching the top of the stairs at work yesterday my heart was pounding. I took my pulse and it was 120 bpm. Literally from just climbing the stairs. Okay, maybe I’m just hideously unfit? But considering I do at least 30 minutes of brisk walking every day I can’t believe I’m *so* unfit that my heart rate would skyrocket to 120 just from climbing the stairs… but we’ll see. I do remember, a few months ago when I was at the gym, I was on the cross-trainer, and the machine started beeping at me with a warning, saying my heart rate was approaching 200bpm. I felt totally normal for someone who had been on a cross-trainer for 15 minutes, so I presumed it was a malfunction in the heart rate monitor. Now… not so sure!!  Anyway, no point in worrying about that until I know more, so for now I’m just focusing on the diet, remembering to keep a food/symptom diary, and trying to get on with my life…


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