Learnt some things over the past couple of weeks:

1  Despite appearances I do not, in fact, source my powers from alcohol. Neither does the ground open up and swallow me if I don’t drink it. In fact, nothing happens at all other than the occasional ‘I really fancy a glass of wine. Oh I can’t have one. Oh well, where’s the slimline tonic?’  Who’da thunkit?

2  The most difficult thing in the world is managing clinical depression. The second most difficult thing in the world is caring about somebody else who is suffering from clinical depression, especially when they don’t want help.

3  If you eat enough carrot sticks, you eventually turn orange. Okay, this isn’t necessarily true but the jury is still out.

4  You WILL lose weight on the low histamine elimination diet. Like, immediately.

5  There is no point ever buying music from HMV. Does everyone else already know this?

6  Home is where your cat is.

7  If something isn’t working, it’s okay to say “this isn’t working” and go back to square 1. At least I hope this is true… It happened when I went back to Burma… It’s happened pretty quickly after moving to London. Who knows if it’s timing, if it’s the season, if it’s the situation, or if it’s just my state of mind, but my priorities from here on are my health and my happiness, and for me this means ‘retreating’ to the least stressful environment I can find and putting my energy into my job, friendships, health and making positive plans.  Stress releases histamine, so no surprise that the past 2-3 months have taken their toll on my physical well-being. I’m taking next week off work to catch up with my lovely friends in Dorset and do some de-cluttering at home and I’m [hopefully] going to book a trip to Sri Lanka to visit another lovely friend later this year. All Good Things {TM}.

And one observation too… Since changing my diet, I’ve started having ‘nice’ (or at least ‘neutral’) dreams. For as long as I can remember, I have only ever had bad dreams. Not necessarily nightmares, but dreams with a sort of gloom about them – a sense of foreboding, panic or sadness. One morning last week I woke up and realised with no small measure of surprise that I’d just had a dream that was actually quite pleasant. Can’t remember anything about it now of course…

2 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. 2. Agreed.

    5. There is no point in buying music at all is there?

    Good to hear you are feeling better, and that nights are more pleasant 🙂

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